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Le Clan - Season 1


Constrained in 2007 to collaborate with the authorities in a drug case that led to the arrest of his former accomplices, he was forced to leave his familiar surroundings to escape those he had betrayed. In Quebec, his new circle, including the woman he loves and with whom he has two young children, is unaware of his past, including the existence of a son abandoned in New Brunswick.

Tipped to become the future mayor of his municipality, where he organizes equestrian competitions, he stands to lose everything if he is ever found out. The story begins as his former accomplices, who are actually his father Don and brothers Steve, Pascal, and Mathieu, are about to be released from prison.

Will he be caught up by his past?


6 x 60’



  • Radio-Canada




  • Jim Donovan


  • Joanne Arseneau


  • Sébastien Ricard

  • Benoit Gouin

  • Luc Senay

  • Roger Léger

  • Jean-Sébastien Courchesne

  • Pierre-Yves Cardinal

  • Louis-Philippe Dandenault

  • Germain Houde

  • Karine Lagueux

  • Denise Bouchard

  • Florence Patry Jacques

  • Anika Lirette

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