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Feminine Innovation

Josée spent ten years working in the legal field before making a remarkable transition into the cultural sector. Her atypical and inspiring journey is an example of determination, encouraging women to pursue their professional ambitions.

As the Director of Development and Executive Producer at Encore Télévision for over five years, she gained valuable expertise before founding Avenue Productions. Josée is distinguished by her instinct and her great ability to capture the trends sought after by audiences, creating innovative and evolving content that meets the expectations of television broadcasters in Quebec and internationally.

At the heart of success,
people above all

Avenue Productions fosters a harmonious and respectful work environment, nurturing inspired collaborations and partnerships.

From Flagship Shows To New Fiction

To date, Josée has produced several successful productions for broadcasting and distribution. In addition to her work at Avenue Productions, she has also served as executive producer for numerous acclaimed shows, performances, and variety shows such as The Voice, En direct de l'univers, Les Chefs, Grand Rire, Caméra café, and many more. Stage production is another area well-known to Josée, having collaborated closely on the productions of major musicals such as Chicago, Grease, Rent, and La Cage aux Folles.

She is constantly engaged in the development of new content, mainly focused on the creation of heavy dramas, but also including a variety of content adapted to different evolving broadcasting platforms, many of which will soon be on your screens!

Avenue Productions:

Committed and Relevant Content

Avenue Productions' latest series have consistently garnered high ratings during prime time viewing hours. This traction is a testament to their ability to produce captivating works that hold viewers' attention, much to the delight of broadcasters and their advertisers!

By regularly shining a spotlight on diversity in all its forms, Avenue Productions strives to address contemporary human realities and social issues through its content. The company contributes to a balanced and inclusive representation on screen, thereby reinforcing the credibility and social impact of its productions. It is also committed to creating topical and engaging content that captivates the interest of a wide audience and enriches societal discourse.

Through a collaborative approach and inspiring leadership, Avenue Productions has garnered numerous awards and accolades over the years, a testament to their excellence and innovation in the field.

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