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Le Clan - Season 2


As Jean-François believes he has control over his life now that he has convinced his wife Brigitte to run for mayor in his place, everything changes again when his brother Pascal finds him in Vaillancourt. The secret of his new identity is in jeopardy, posing a serious dilemma. Should he reveal the truth or eliminate his brother Pascal?

His turmoil affects his behavior and worries those around him. How can he stand up to Brigitte, who increasingly doubts him? How can he maintain Chamberland's trust, especially as he uncovers troubling discoveries surrounding Ouimet's disappearance?


In Shediac, Don, Steve, and Mathieu confront members of Logan's gang to find out who is responsible for Pascal's disappearance. Caro disagrees with their methods and leaves home to conduct her own investigation. Meanwhile, Steve discovers that Jean-Jean has been hiding many things from them. Will he manage to find Jean-François?

The ordeal continues.


6 x 60’



  • Radio-Canada




  • Jim Donovan


  • Joanne Arseneau


  • Sébastien Ricard

  • Benoit Gouin

  • Luc Senay

  • Roger Léger

  • Jean-Sébastien Courchesne

  • Pierre-Yves Cardinal

  • Louis-Philippe Dandenault

  • Germain Houde

  • Karine Lagueux

  • Denise Bouchard

  • Florence Patry Jacques

  • Anika Lirette

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