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Marche à l'ombre - Season 2


At the beginning of Season 2, Rachel narrowly escapes during a police interrogation, as does Eric. The story picks up one year later with our quartet of intervention workers. Tania is still with Greg, but they're living separate lives under one roof, which isn't pretty. Tom and Lana have had a daughter, causing issues with task allocation. Tom struggles increasingly to manage his personal life. Audrey remains unchanged in her attitude. She targets PIERRE, a pragmatic and violent drug dealer who was disbarred.

Rachel, on the other hand, is strangely calm, almost detached at work, which is out of character. Honoré, newly converted to Islam after prison, demands a male intervention worker. Jo Barbeau (Eric's brother) is transferred to Phoenix with Rachel as his agent, much to Tania's fury. Audrey confronts Rachel, reminding her that the gang agreed to cover for her under certain conditions: seeing a therapist and being transparent.

The relationship between Rachel and Audrey takes a surprising turn. Tom embraces his new passion for existential baby-foot (foosball), playing with his friend Ahmed, who also helps the Phoenix team. It soon becomes clear that Jo's arrival at the center is no coincidence. Rachel's detached demeanor is due to powerful self-medication. Audrey notices and pushes her to revert to her old self. However, this might pose the greatest danger. And no one knows yet what Vaillant has in store, something Machiavellian for Jo!

10 x 60’



  • Super Écran

  • Crave



Francis Leclerc


Original Idea

  • Josée Desrosiers

  • Ian Lauzon


  • Ian Lauzon

  • Ludovic Huot

  • Mathieu McGraw


  • Marc Poulin


  • Laurence Leboeuf

  • Catherine Brunet

  • Eve Duranceau

  • Eric Robidoux

  • Sylvain Marcel

  • Guildor Roy

  • Jean-Sébastien Courchesne

  • Maxime De Cotret

  • Antoine Pilon

  • David Savard

  • Geneviève Brouillette

  • Alexis Martin

  • Didier Lucien

  • Félix-Antoine Duval

  • Martin Dubreuil

  • Mani Sleumanlou

  • Didier Lucien

  • Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier

  • Mathieu Lepage

  • Benoit Gouin

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