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Les Rescapés - Season 1


1964. Inspector Gérald Boivin's highly "dysfunctional" family from the Montreal Police is mysteriously transported to the year 2010. Completely lost in a future that isn't so distant, the Boivins dream of one thing: returning home to 1964. To do so, they must find the man who, for obscure reasons, orchestrated their time travel.

But even more challenging, the Boivins must question their beliefs, values, and identity, while coming together to rebuild the fragile bonds that once united them.


13 x 60’


  • Radio-Canada



  • Claude Desrosiers


Original Idea

  • Marc Poulin


  • Frédéric Ouellet


  • Roy Dupuis

  • Guylaine Tremblay

  • Maxime Gaudette

  • Yan England

  • Mélissa Desormeaux-Poulin

  • Céline Bonnier

  • Ève Lemieux

  • Antoine L’Écuyer

  • Benoit Girard

  • François Létourneau

  • Gaston Lepage

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