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Les Rescapés - Season 2


Gérald Boivin will embark on a new time travel journey, this time taking him to the year 1980. During this journey, he will learn that Chabanel's plan is nothing short of the Apocalypse. Gerald's mission will be to save his son Charles and prevent the Apocalypse. To assist him, he will enlist the help of two police officers, Gina McRae and Rémi Casgrain, as well as an enemy group of Chabanel's called "La Ligue."

The attractions of the modern world they continue to discover may mean that the return to 1964 is less urgent for some. Confrontations are expected. Monique and Jeanne view the many benefits of "women's liberation" very favorably, but this won't sit easily with the men in the family.


10 x 60’



  • Radio-Canada



  • Francis Leclerc

Original Idea

  • Marc Poulin



  • Joanne Arseneau


  • Roy Dupuis

  • Guylaine Tremblay

  • Maxime Gaudette

  • Yan England

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